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Distances from Buenos Aires

Distances from Buenos Aires to the largest cities and places in Argentina. Have a closer look at the distances from Buenos Aires to the largest places in Argentina.

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Distances from Buenos Aires to the largest places in Argentina
Quilmes Quilmes1.518,78817 km 10 mishow
San Isidro San Isidro2.45,19020 km 12 mishow
Adrogue Adrogué3.28,26521 km 13 mishow
Moron Morón4.319,93423 km 14 mishow
Tigre Tigre5.31,10628 km 17 mishow
Pontevedra Pontevedra6.33,51532 km 20 mishow
La Plata La Plata7.694,16752 km 32 mishow
Lujan Luján8.81,74967 km 42 mishow
Campana Campana9.81,61273 km 45 mishow
Zarate Zárate10.88,78183 km 52 mishow
Mercedes Mercedes11.52,94997 km 60 mishow
Villa Paranacito Villa Paranacito12.3,988103 km 64 mishow
Puerto Ibicuy Puerto Ibicuy13.4,477123 km 76 mishow
Chivilcoy Chivilcoy14.54,514153 km 95 mishow
Gualeguaychu Gualeguaychú15.78,676179 km 111 mishow
Larroque Larroque16.6,200185 km 115 mishow
Gualeguay Gualeguay17.33,120185 km 115 mishow
Veinticinco de Mayo Veinticinco de Mayo18.24,668187 km 116 mishow
Chacabuco Chacabuco19.34,587192 km 119 mishow
Dolores Dolores20.25,190200 km 124 mishow
Pergamino Pergamino21.87,652218 km 135 mishow
Urdinarrain Urdinarrain22.7,992220 km 137 mishow
San Nicolas de los Arroyos San Nicolás de los Arroyos23.127,742222 km 138 mishow
General Galarza General Galarza24.4,150231 km 144 mishow
Junin Junín25.85,007235 km 146 mishow
Villa Constitucion Villa Constitución26.44,271237 km 147 mishow
Concepcion del Uruguay Concepción del Uruguay27.67,895238 km 148 mishow
San Clemente del Tuyu San Clemente del Tuyú28.11,174245 km 152 mishow
Nueve de Julio Nueve de Julio29.34,718247 km 153 mishow
Arroyo Seco Arroyo Seco30.20,008255 km 159 mishow
Rosario del Tala Rosario del Tala31.13,807267 km 166 mishow
Lucas Gonzalez Lucas González32.4,466270 km 168 mishow
Villa Elisa Villa Elisa33.9,334273 km 170 mishow
Gobernador Galvez Gobernador Gálvez34.74,650274 km 170 mishow
Azul Azul35.53,941276 km 171 mishow
Victoria Victoria36.25,139277 km 172 mishow
Rosario Rosario37.1,173,533280 km 174 mishow
Perez Pérez38.24,436285 km 177 mishow
Macia Maciá39.5,806288 km 179 mishow
Lincoln Lincoln40.41,808290 km 180 mishow
Granadero Baigorria Granadero Baigorria41.32,427292 km 181 mishow
Funes Funes42.14,750294 km 183 mishow
Capitan Bermudez Capitán Bermúdez43.27,060295 km 183 mishow
Fray Luis A. Beltran Fray Luis A. Beltrán44.14,390298 km 185 mishow
Roldan Roldán45.12,468302 km 188 mishow
Villa Canas Villa Cañás46.9,328305 km 189 mishow
Olavarria Olavarría47.86,320309 km 192 mishow
Tandil Tandil48.104,325309 km 192 mishow
Casilda Casilda49.32,002312 km 194 mishow
Villaguay Villaguay50.32,027312 km 194 mishow

1 - 50 of 499 places
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